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on 4 June 2014

Supergirly is a riotous frolic through the life of Supergirly: the kind of acidic Pop Queen we’ve all been waiting for. Served with a bevy of pop tunes and skewed lyrics, this hilarious show was the perfect antidote to a cold rainy Melbourne night.


Supergirly, aka Lulu McClatchy, has been performing to audiences, high profile and otherwise, for well over a decade. And it shows. McClatchy is not just a highly skilled singer and comedian, she’s confident and in full command of her audience. Every time she yelled ‘fuck you’ to the audience, we all just fell a little deeper in love with her.

Supergirly navigates the tale of Supergirly, from her pop star rising in the UK to her return to the land of Oz. She is highly narcissistic, bossy and demanding, and one wonders how Bradley Cooper, her fabulous and equally talented side kick Lyall Brooks, puts up with her. But he does, and what ensues on stage is a brilliant chemistry between the two performers that underpins the success of this show.

What can I say? Supergirly is super fun, super wrong and, quite frankly, I never want to hear another pop song unless Supergirly is singing it. Some tune treats for you to look forward to: Pet Shop Boys, Goyte, Britney Spears, Macy Gray and Miley Cyrus, to name a few.

While I think this show would be even tighter if a few songs were cut, you’ll still walk out of Supergirly with a big smile and big song in your heart. And lots of expletives.

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