The Whole SHOWbang

The Full Theatrical show.

SuperGirlyReturn of the Pop Princess is a 2 45 mins set, 21 costume changes and has an interactive and dynamic set and stunning lighting.

An all-singing, all-glamour laughfest that skewers all those headline-grabbing celebs and pop-singers right through their shallow hearts and to the tune of their own songs – all delivered by an adorably insane character who secretly wants to be one of them!

Joined by her personal man-slave “Bradley Cooper” in a side-splitting night full of music and comedy that will have you screaming, laughing and wincing all at the same time!

Critics and audiences alike are calling it “the funniest live show I have ever seen” that’s “super fun and super wrong!”

This show is more along the lines of a musical. It takes the audience on a journey of SuperGirly’s rise to the top of the celebrity ladder. Her moving from Australia to the UK to join the glitterati and entertain the masses, but there is a secret side to SuperGirly, we delve into the other side, the insecure wanna be pop star  who wants to get back out there and hit the big time again, can she do it? With Bradley’s help, she just might make reclaim her Pop Princess crown. The story may sometimes be serious, it has to be, some it is  based on Lulu McClatchy’s real life stories of performing in the UK, but SuperGirly is delusional, and it is written in her words so there are some fake stories and some special celebrity guests, it’s anything but your usual night out at the theatre.  It will change the way you listen to pop music forever!